New Family Protector app for iPhone and iPad lets Children experience age-appropriate content

Intego Family Protector for iOSIntego, best known for their anti-virus and computer security products has just announced a new product to help families protect and secure iPhones and iPads running iOS version 8 or later.  The product, called Family Protector, gives parents control of iOS mobile devices and offers a number of interesting features that may be of particular interest to parents.

  • Parents can let kids know when it's time to come to the table and restrict the device with just a few clicks
  • Restrictions can be enabled during bedtime hours to eliminate distractions or unwanted contact with your child at night
  • If your child is unresponsive to your calls or texts, you can block access to third party apps or web browsing and send your child to a special lock screen with a message to call you back.
  • Schedule screen time breaks
  • Enable age-appropriate safe web browsing
  • Limit access to age appropriate music, movies, and books
  • Get notifications if your child tries to access a blocked web site or app, tries to install a forbidden app, or removes Family Protector from their device.
  • Block app and in-app purchases
  • Block (blacklist) or allow (whitelist) web sites
  • Block access to their device's camera or FaceTime messaging
  • Know when they are online
  • Control which apps are on their device
  • Use age-based-rules to setup restrictions

For the parent who is looking for an all-in-one easy-to-use solution that will allow you to manage your children's digital devices from your own phone or iPad, the Intego Family Protector may be worth a look.  Intego says that there is a 14-day free trial of the product.  After the $14 day free trial, the service costs $5/month and families can cancel at any time.  Intego has an extensive FAQ that should answer most questions.  



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