How do I report something on Facebook?
How do you report something you've seen on Facebook such as spam, hate speech, harassment, bullying, etc.
How to Send Group Messages
Learn how to send messages to a group friends in Facebook.
How to Send Stickers and Photos in Messages
A quick guide on how to share photos and stickers with friends.
How to Start Chatting
Chat with friends on the go. Watch and get started with Facebook messages.
How to Use Chat Heads
Keep chatting with friends while checking out other stuff. Get started with chat heads.
How Privacy Works with Graph Search
Learn about how privacy works with search and how to manage information you share on Facebook.
How-To: Using Facebook Timeline and Subscribe
Learn how to activate your Timeline and how to use Subscribe to connect with your close friends and a public audience on your timeline.
Home: First Look at the Latest Features
An overview of the Home features. These features enable more control over seeing the content you care most about the moment you wake up your phone.
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Study: Social Media Making People Anti-Social, Jealous
Contrary to popular belief, studies show that social media often hampers effective communication and may lead to jealousy and unhappiness.
Humblebragging: The New Status Symbol
A new study from Harvard University describes ‘humblebragging’ - boasting about one's hectic life as a way to prove they are 'in demand' - as a new social phenomenon.