Securing Computers in Your Home

In Brief

The computers in your home are your children's gateway to the world of technology and the Internet, so we recommend that you take a few easy steps to keep them safe. While new computers sold today have basic parental controls built in, many parents will want solutions with more features. Fortunately, several solutions for both Mac and Windows computers are available at a reasonable cost.

While many parents are very concerned about what controls are available for social media sites or cell phones, very few think about their options when it comes to the actual computers in their homes.

The first thing you must do is identify what kind of computer you have – and there are basically two options.  Either you have an Apple computer or you don't.  If your computer is not an Apple then is will in all likliehood be running Windows. 

So let's begin by looking at the built-in options provided for Windows[1] and Apple computers.

Windows computers:

You can use Parental Controls to set limits on the hours that children can use the computer, the types of games they can play, and the programs they can run.

To learn more abou parental Controls for Windows please visit:

Apple computers:

Mac's Parental Controls offer parents a wide range of options, including control of the applications and content a specific user may use or view, as well as  control of incoming and outgoing email and which iChat pals are allowed contact.  Finally, Parental Controls can maintain a log that will keep you informed about how your Mac is being used by any managed account user.

To learn more about parental Controls for Apple Computers you can checkout our step-by-step guide or  reference these additional tutorials:

Video tutorial:



[1] Includes Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8