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Engaging mini-activities for practice, building fluency.


What parents need to know

Parents need to know that 2nd Grade Math Planet - Fun Math Game Curriculum for Addition, Subtraction, Place Value, Counting, and More for Second Grade is a game for practicing and building fluency in essential math skills. Kids can either complete activities that cover a range of skills, or they can test their speed and accuracy by completing math-fact drills in addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. The game is fun and engaging, and the tracking program is impressive, with graphical reports and an activity log. A condensed, free Android version of the game covers content for grades 2 through 8. 

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What Kids Can Learn

Kids can learn and build fluency in several content areas including addition, subtraction, number sense, place value, estimation, geometry, and telling time. The game features mini-activities within each planet, and kids have to complete a level within a planet to get to the next level. There is solid learning progression throughout the game, even within the mini-activities. For example, in one mini-activity, kids start by counting jellybeans. Then they identify which table has more jellybeans on it. Finally, kids drag jellybeans onto a table to finish number sentences involving addition and subtraction. The game also features a Math Facts section. Kids choose a specific topic and then race to complete drills with both speed and accuracy. Although feedback for incorrect answers is lacking, 2nd Grade Math Planet is a great way for kids to practice and boost fluency in key areas of mathematics.

Whats it about?

Kids can choose from the main options for play: Math Facts and Planet mini-activities. In Math Facts, kids complete a set of grade-appropriate drills as quickly and accurately as possible. In the Planet mini-activities, there are over 30 levels spread across five planets. Kids work on a variety of skills and activities with different themes. A progress-tracking program shows kids' scores as percentiles and as percent correct. Kids are motivated to earn points and stars, which they can use to unlock new avatars. 

Is it any good?

​2ND GRADE MATH PLANET - FUN MATH GAME CURRICULUM FOR ADDITION, SUBTRACTION, PLACE VALUE, COUNTING, AND MORE FOR SECOND GRADE has a wide variety of activities that are grade-appropriate yet challenging. The different styles of questions and theme keeps kids engaged, and the progress-tracking program is comprehensive and easy to use. It's helpful that kids can switch from Math Facts, where they work on fluency, to the Planet mini-activities, where they work on various skills to build conceptual understanding. It would be great to see some instructional hints and feedback in the game so kids can learn even more as they play.

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