New Family Protector app for iPhone and iPad lets Children experience age-appropriate content

Intego, best known for their anti-virus and computer security products has just announced a new product to help families protect and secure iPhones and iPads running iOS version 8 or later.  The product, called Family Protector, gives parents control of iOS mobile devices and offers a number of interesting features that may be of particular interest to parents. Parents can let kids...
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Changing our Point of View

Anyone who reads the New Testament seriously is almost always surpised to learn how often Christ saw life differently than we do. One example of that is to be found in Christ's teaching regarding greatness. In the ways of the world, greatness is defined by how many serve you; in the life of Christ, however, the opposite is true. He measured greatness and success by the number He served, and...
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The Season of Lent: An Opportunity for Reflection

All of us lead lives so filled with the demands of work and family that little time is left to us to cultivate the garden of our soul. In our preoccupation with the ceaseless business of life, our spirit, if not completely forgotten, is often sadly neglected. When we do find the time to look at ourselves honestly, we soon discover that the spirit of the world has gradually and imperceptibly...
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Our Priorities

The Gospel of St. Luke tells of a visit that Jesus made in Bethany, to the home of Martha and Mary, the sisters of Lazarus. St. Luke writes that Martha became upset that her sister sat "at the feet of the Lord, and listened to his teaching," leaving her to do all the work of pro- viding hospitality to their honored guest. But Jesus answered her complaint by saying, "Martha, Martha!...
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Bring the Message Home

I was amused to read the story of an insurance company that sponsored a conference at its huge national headquarters building in New York City. Agents from all over the country attended the conference which lasted for five days. During that week one of the attending salesmen was diligent enough to sell insurance to a barber, an elevator operator and to a restaurant worker, all of whom had...
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