After School - Funny Anonymous School News for Confessions & Compliments

After School uses kids' Facebook profiles to verify they're students at a specific high school before granting access to the school's page within the app. From there, kids see images and posts created anonymously by other students or can create anonymous posts. The app was removed from the app store for a few hours after complaints from school administrators about bullying incidents, but it was relisted for age 17 and up with warnings about sexual content, language, drug references, and violence. Student-generated posts include frequent confession-style references (which come across more as bragging) to drugs, sex, and violence.

Pope tells young to resist 'false' reality of social media

Pope Francis has urged young people to resist the false images of reality that are presented by social media, and to seek authenticity rather than superficiality.


GroupMe is a messaging app that lets users send direct messages and group messages from mobile devices without message limits or fees. You can also use the app as a one-stop shop for interacting with your friends, from scheduling events to sending each other money. Its main claim to fame may be its emojis and open search for GIFs: There are tons, including lots that are available for in-app purchase. Unfortunately, some of these emojis feature more adult themes, such as cartoon liquor bottles and sexy characters. Searches for GIFs find scantily clad people, drug use, and violent images. Some users like GroupMe for its stealth potential, since on-screen notifications pop up without content, which is appealing to some kids. Since there's no way to delete past posts, there are also concerns about a user's control over content.

Telegram Messenger

Telegram Messenger lets users send text messages, stickers, images, videos, and other files to one or many people for free, all using encryption to keep one-to-one messages secure and private, though some security experts question the quality of the encryption. The software is open-source as well, so savvy users can see exactly how information is collected, stored, transmitted, and secured. As with Snapchat, private-messaging sessions can be created between users with preset self-destruct timers; secret messages aren't stored on the app's servers. After six months without use, accounts also self-destruct. Setting up a username allows other users to find you, but a username isn't required. How much questionable content is available through the app is entirely up to users and their contacts, though the open-source nature of the platform means anyone can create stickers, bots, and plug-ins, many of which feature decidedly adult content. As such, it's really only appropriate for older teens to use to communicate with family and trusted friends.

Shots App - The Comedy App

Shots App - The Comedy App is a social network that's had several iterations: It once focused almost exclusively on selfies and was backed by Justin Bieber. Now it focuses on the quality of funny posts rather than the quantity of reactions. There's no posted follower count for any user, and it's only possible to comment on entries with four friendly, encouraging emojis. Posts that receive the most "funny" emoji reactions land in the app's "Funny" feed, which users can browse to find especially LOL-worthy content. You can upload directly from your other social media accounts (such as Twitter and Instagram) or shoot photos and videos within the app. Note that a public "radar" search to find nearby users and access to the pubic "Funny" news feed might make this an iffy choice for younger teens.

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