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Bookopolis is a great site for kids to connect to readers and explore books they've already read or may like to read. The website tracks and promotes reading and writing through the use of...

Bystander Revolution

Bystander Revolution is a video site designed to combat bullying on a range of topics. Kids 13 or older can submit videos, which Bystander Revolution says it may review -- but it's not clear...

Call Me Ishmael

Call Me Ishmael is a site for readers to share their love of books with listeners. Users dial a number and leave a voice mail about a book they loved or had a deep connection to, providing other...


CodeMonkey provides practice coding with a real programming language to solve a variety of puzzles. The game's developers have worked hard to make the puzzles accessible and provide the right...


Oddizzi covers social studies and global-awareness topics with a hodgepodge of information about countries, cultures, geographical features, and natural phenomena. Kids explore the world through...

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Contrary to popular belief, studies show that social media often hampers effective communication and may lead to jealousy and unhappiness.
Humblebragging: The New Status Symbol
A new study from Harvard University describes ‘humblebragging’ - boasting about one's hectic life as a way to prove they are 'in demand' - as a new social phenomenon.

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How do I report something on Facebook?
How do you report something you've seen on Facebook such as spam, hate speech, harassment, bullying, etc.