In this section, you'll find statements by the Catholic and Orthodox Christian Churches on the Internet, communications, and media.  A major collection of documents is comprised by Papal statements from the annual World Communications Day.


Television and family: guidelines for good viewing - 28th World Communications Day (1994)
In recent decades, television has spearheaded a communications revolution which has profoundly affected family life. Today television is a primary source of news, information and entertainment for countless families, shaping their attitudes and opinions, their values and patterns of behaviour.
Cinema: communicator of culture and of values - 29th World Communications Day (1995)
This year, on the occasion of World Communications Day, I would like to invite you to think about the cinema as "a communicator of culture and of values". As you certainly will know, during the current year celebrations are being held around the world to commemorate the first centennial of this special and widespread medium of expression, now so easily accessible to all.
The Media: Modern Forum for Promoting the Role of Women in Society - 30th World Communications Day (1996)
This year, the theme for World Communications Day, "The Media: Modern Forum for Promoting the Role of Women in Society", recognizes that the communications media play a crucial role not only in promoting justice and equality for women but in fostering appreciation for their specific feminine gifts, which elsewhere I have called the "genius" of women (cf. Mulieris Dignitatem, 30; Letter to Women, 10).
Communicating Jesus: The Way, the Truth and the Life - 31st World Communications Day (1997)
As the present century and millennium draw to a close, we see an unprecedented expansion of the means of social communications, with ever new products and services. We see the lives of more and more people being touched by the spread of new technologies of information and communication. Yet, there are still great numbers of people who have no access to the media, old or new.
Sustained by the Holy Spirit, communicate hope - 32nd World Communications Day (1998)
In this second of the three years leading to the Great Jubilee of the year 2000, we turn our attention to the Holy Spirit and to his action in the Church, in our lives and in the world. The Spirit is the "guardian of hope in the human heart" (Dominum et Vivificantem, 67). For this reason, then, the theme for the 32nd World Communications Day is "Sustained by the Holy Spirit, Communicate Hope."
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